Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lily)


Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lily) 1000 gram


Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lily)


Nymphaea caerulea is also known as the blue lotus, blue water lily and sacred blue lily and belongs to the Nymphaea family

In today’s world it is used to create various concoctions which include blue lotus tea, wine and martinis.

Recently studies have shown that Nymphaea caerulea has mild psycho-active properties.

It may also have been used as a sacrament in ancient Egypt, as it was the symbol for good health, good romance and birth

It is related to the expansion of the higher mind. It relaxes the spirit out of the body and helps it go forward towards its highest potential in the realm of Spirit. It gives one of the highest vibrations of any flower.

It is a representation of the symbol of victory of the spirit over the senses regarding wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.

It acts on all levels regarding reaching the highest potential of yourself.

In aromatherapy, it is used to purported a “divine” essence, bringing euphoria, tranquility and heightened awareness.



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