Dacryoides peruviana (Copal)


Dacryoides peruviana (Copal) 1000 gram


Dacryoides peruviana (Copal)


Copal is a generic term used for tree resin that is not in gel/gum form or amber form.
Copal is a tree resin that in between these two states, hard, honey in color and can come from any tree, as it is used for the hardened resin, it is not the name of a resin from a particular tree. The term is derived from the Aztec Nahuatil word ‘Copalli’.
The Mayan term for Copal is ‘Pom’ which translates to incense.
In the south states of Mexico, Mayan communities use trees from the Copal family, a flowering shrub or tree that is connected to the Torchwood or Elephant Tree that is found in the area.
It is used as an incense.





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